Above Picture (From Rigth to Left: Sharon, Ana, Joyce, Ruth, Naomi and delvin) who attented the End-Time Swallows 2017 annual evangelistic meeting.

Per our understanding, this will solidify the agreement with a deadline and a payment (Deed of Trust Cost apart from our consultation Fee to be paid thereon after our work) to EM. Consultancy Trading as (Charlie Fatiaki and Jiope Somone) who Banks at Bank of Baroda Lautoka Branch, Bank Account Name: E.M. Consultancy, Account number: 91020100007324.

The cost for the Deed of Trust to Mataqali known as Naidaba, Nadogoloa Village, Tikina Bureiwai, Province of Ra is at the amount of $550. EM Consultancy will accomplish the following:

  1. Compile the Deed of Trust for Mataqali Naidaba;
  2. Have the Deed of Trust Authenticated by Solicitor from Attorney General’s Office;
  3. Establish Mataqali Naidaba Tax Identification Number with Fiji Revenue and Custom Authority;
  4. Fully Register the Deed of Trust with the Titles Office Suva.

These are the requirements of the Trustees Video:

  1. Current Identification Card (Drivers, Election Card, FNPF or Others)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. TIN Letter
  4. Passport Size Photo x4

Your Mataqali is kindly required to pay $550 to EM Consultancy to have your Deed of Trust Registered. The Trustees are also required to have mentioned items forwarded to us.

We anticipate your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,