There was only one Combined Camp that called all pathfinders of Makana & Evedahana churches to the natures this year 2013. A total of well over 50 participated in the weekend Campout outing. Amongs the young people were few parents and church leaders who were also there to officially open and start the new Lords Supper (communion Service) for the Wabi Church members.


The Pathfinders did the opening ceremony on friday evening straight after arriving and setting up of their tents before sunset to welcome the Sabbath hour. The Opening ceremony was one that drew the attention of the entire village, especially the small children eager to know what was happening. All pathfinders were in their full uniforms who took few minutes in marching and prepared way for a special flag raising ceremony to mark the opening and start of the weekend CampOut program.


Sabbath was entirely devoted to Pathfinderd dividing in to their units with their leaders to explore the nearby nature to study various plants, animals, insects, living and non living thing and binging out a lesson from the scripture how Awsome & Powerful is God whom we Worship. During this time many young participant learnt a great deal many wonderful things discovered during the course of the Nature Walk.


During this time, young people were required by their instructors to complete their camping requirements according to their pathfindering bookwork. Here was displayed various different methods of survival skills by each units of the pathfinders. This was another spectacular event were the entire village came to watch. Time was given to each pathfindering units to build or make a certain instrument that can be used only with bush materials. Either to create fire, table, ladder, cooking food and many more others. After completion of their tasks, the Instructor will have to inspect the assignment and give a rating on whether it was done correctly or needs improvement.   


At the end of the completion of the sunday activities the main requirement of the camp is noted and all the young people called ta assemble to participate in the flag lowering ceremony. This marks the closing of the Pathfinder Combine Campout Program at Wabi Village along the Hiri-Tano highway outside of Port Moresby City.  




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