Above picture shows the early part of church worship area under a canvas.

This church was formed about 2 years ago in towards the end of 2011. A group of people from the eastern highland started moving into occupying a vacant land at the back of Port Moresby Jacksons Airport near ATS (Air Transport Squadrom of PNG Defence Force) AirCraft Hanger / Aerodrome. They moved in from the city because of the government eviction of illegal settlements within city areas belonging to states land.  


It was through a man named steven a former member who moved in with his family in 2011. The area was as a semi-desert area where people walked 2 - 3 hours to get there on foot. However, since life in the city was very tough, he had to get a piece of land and a shelter over the head of his family. He settled in well in this remote area that was given by the local owner who is also married as an in-law to steven. After being there for about a year, he saw more people just like him moving into the area in numbers that the land owner was happen to accept and allow people from Eastern Highlands only to come in and settle the entire land was sub-divided and sold for K500-00 (PNG currency called 500 kina). As a first settler in the area he was elected the chairman of the community committee. Whilst performing the role, he had an impression from the Lord to start an Adventist Church. Since then he was praying to meet up with a pastor but thought they may not be interested because of the remote location. Until his prayer was answered when he met Elder Samson Weyaga an elder of Makana Adventist Church and explain how he wanted to build a church.


Elders Samson started his personal ministry work with the support of two laymen of the church Elder Mesurewa and Deacon Jack. Most of the time they travel by foot to meet with few families under a tree every sabbath. This continued until many more people who were adventist or new interest started increasing the number to up to 70 plus members.


The members have got together and dedicate the church in 2014 by Makana 1st Church Pastor - Ezra Minala.

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Our Church Doctrines

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