I am glad that you have opened this Childrens Ministry Connection page. Every child is placed in our care to mentor, teach, guide and direct them to Christ in shaping a Life-long Faith. That they will not depart from it.  

Welcome to 2019! Happy New Year and greetings to all the Children Leaders and those who are involved with Children Ministries in the local churches of Central Papua Conference for 2019. The Lord has been good to the Children Ministries for the last five years from 2014 to 2018 and this year is another year to thank and praise God for the many blessings and wonderful opportunities to impact the children and those around us for God’s Kingdom. We have all tried our best in ministering to the children in our care and have learnt important lessons that can develop our passion for mentoring and leading children to Jesus. There are times when we couldn’t do our best to serve God faithfully in the roles entrusted to us because of the many challenges beyond our control. However, these challenges are the devil’s techniques on disrupting the discipleship of children in our homes, churches, schools and communities. Let us always remember that the fight between good and evil includes the struggle we face with the work we do as leaders in the church and parents, guardians and care-givers. In the close of earth’s history perilous times will test our loyalty and faithfulness to God and the church, therefore as a leader in the Conference I want to encourage everyone this year to spend more time in Bible study and prayer so that the efforts that you invest into the work of children ministry in your local churches will be according to God’s will and purpose. The key to successfully meeting the requirements of your role as leaders in the church and in your home is to connect with God daily and have a personal relationship with Him through the study of His Word and Prayer. The aim of the Conference for the next five years is to see leaders becoming intentional about their faith so that they are able to pass their faith to the children under their care and be vibrant in their leadership roles in the local churches and District level. May God will give us the wisdom to discern right from wrong and joyfully engage meaningfully in His service for His Kingdom.

Mrs Ruthy Batu.

The Director Children Ministries Evangelism INREACH Ministry Team  Central Papua Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 

P O Box 332 |Port Moresby 121| Direct Line EXT 120 - 3211022 | Digicel: 70266308 |  Bemobile : 78128194

Fax: 3212730 | Email: RuthBatu@adventist.org.pg

Psalms 127:3 NLT 
Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from Him.

“Nothing you do for children is ever wasted” Garrison Keller.

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