Children who attend our church children's classes every sabbath

do come from various traditional beliefs and custom in diverse

places of Papua New Guinea. We also welcome visitors who wish 

to join our worhip programs.

This year Childrens Ministry programs were intergrated with the Youths, Pathfinders, 

Ambassadors and the Adventurers. There were many visitations, childrens meeting and 

other activities that many children participated in so far.    


Our Childrens Sabbath Program begins at 08:00am every Sabbath mornings.

Sabbath Divine Service is usually combined with the Senior Church Program where

the children join with their parents to worship.


We have various Sabbath School Classes for Children under different Age Groups.

1. Beginners Class (Ages 0 - 2 years) 

2. Kindergarten Class (Ages 3 - 5 years) 

3. Primary Class (Ages 6 - 9 years) 

4. Junior Class (Ages 10 - 12 years) 

5. Early Teen Class (Ages 13 - 15 years) 

6. Corner Stone Class (Ages 16 - 18 years) 


The Children made some special visit to people in need this year. Here are some 

people and places they visited: 

1. Port Moresby Chesire Home - People with special need were visited. 

    The Word of God was shared, children donated clothes, food and gave contributed cash. 

2. Mrs. Binas Nisaun (Former Director) lost her daughter after a long illness. 

    The Word of God was shared, children donated food and gave contributed cash.  

3. Charlie the Street Begger has a disability with his eyes. He attends Childrens Sabbath Programs.

    He was visited. The Word of God was shared, children donated food and gave contributed cash.

4. Benson Yoki was shot by police in an ilegal activity and got one of his leg cut off.

   He was visited. The Word of God was shared, children donated food and gave contributed cash.


The Grace Link Workshop became one of the highlights for 2013 when the children's

leadership team of Makana Adventist Church conducted the Worshop at Kerea our Branch Church. 

The Church is located outside of Port Moresby along the Hiri-Tano highway near Vanapa River. 

Over 40 plus participants attended the workshop. This included all teachers & interested members. 

We are planning another big one this 4th Quarter at Wabi our other Grow church along same highway. 


19-21 October 2013 will be remembered for the quality time CPC wide workshop conducted by the Childrens

Directors from SPD and the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Leaders from Makana

and Evedahana our Branch church were participants of the program. Words of appreciation to the childrens

ministry Director of CPC Mrs. Ruthy Batu for the well planned workshop especially in inviting leaders Overseas.

BELOW: Makana & Evedahana Childrens leaders standing with SPD & GC CM Directors 


Oxy, SPD Director, Siteri & Gethrude                     Leaders posing for Photo outside IPA


    Gethrude, Siteri GC Director & Oxy







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