Margaret Rimeia, is the Director of Makana Adventurers Club.

Makana Adventist Church has many company churches and that gives me a great deal of
challenge on how I plan and budget to accomplish all requirements of the
divisions in our Combine Adventuring Club.

We have a total of 30 adventurers in our combined Club, however the number of
interests has increased to 20 plus after a two weeks open air evangelistic

Adventuring Classes are usually conducted every Sabbath afternoons at 2pm – 4pm and other
outdoor activities on Sundays at 8am – 12pm. Due to distant locations of our
company churches, these classes / activities are done at respective churches. Only
on few occasions a combine program or activity is called by leaders for all
company church Youth members to join. This is when a District or National
Adventurers Rally, Campout or Fare Program is announced.

Our Combine Adventurer Club is made up of the following Branch / Grow churches.
Evedahana, Kerea, Wabi, Mount Victoria, Farea and Bomana War Cemetery. Since
three of our growing branch churches are located out of Port Moresby City, most
of our camps are done outside of the city. Also at this time the classes
complete all their camping requirements.

Our In-reach programs we involve the adventurers to participate in the praise &
worship programs. Every year we involve young people to participate in the Practical
Outreach Program to visit hospitals, clean the streets, villages and also give out
clothing to the needy.

We still have the challenge to reach out to many more Adventurers who do not know
the Lord Jesus yet. We are a growing church and still need more teaching
materials and work books for the children. We need your prayers and support in
any way possible to enhance the coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Please contact us on our church Email Address: [email protected]


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